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Unicompex Eastern DRC – Telecom Sites Maintenance

From 2000 to 2014, we maintained telecom BTS sites in Kinshasa and the Kasai region for Vodacom and Camusat.

In 2018, we began maintaining nearly 400 Helios Towers telecom sites in the East.

Today, we operate in cities and remote regions like Goma, Bukavu, Beni, Butembo, Kisangani, Bunia, Watsa, etc… maintaining telecommunication sites for operators like Vodacom and Airtel with our client Helios Towers.

A field maintenance engineer in the Goma area on a site in the nearby mountain range.

With volcanic eruptions, insecurity, diseases (Ebola), bad or no roads, unreliable internet connection, poor quality fuel and oil, we still manage to keep the sites up and running thanks to our brave team of engineers and technicians and superb support from our various partners in and outside of the DRC.

Transporting a diesel generator without any machinery in the middle of the forest.
A Unicompex engineer on his motorbike outside a telecom site
Placing a diesel generator canopy by hand without any rigging equipment on a remote site with poor road access

This truly is a massive challenge that we keep facing daily and we hope to continue on this journey of self improvement and delivering good results to Helios Towers and their clients.

A weekly standup meeting in our offices in Kinshasa
Engineers who completed the Helios Towers Learning Management System courses to upgrade and train better technicians

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