FG Wilson Webinar Recording : Choosing The Right Genset & Rating

The recording for Choosing The Right Genset Size and Rating is now available to watch.
Webinar details: https://msp.bigmarker.com/links/tDzX1dmgZ8n/YcB8hEU6_y/F1D-t_qsbg/naAAWGEfjf?redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bigmarker.com%2Fcaterpillar-webinars%2FFG-Wilson-Choosing-The-Right-Genset-Size-and-Rating%3Fbmid%3D1eb53d6f2b12

Our webinar, hosted by Robert Breadon, providing information that will help you choose the right genset size and rating based on your power needs.

Robert will highlight on the different types of application power requirements and discuss the key areas that need to be considered when sizing a genset for your customer; genset starting capabilities, genset load demands and site requirements.

– Introduction
– Consideration when making your generator selection
– Understanding the importance of generator loads
– What is the generator power rating?
– What are the different application power requirements
– Q&A

Robert Breadon

Application Specialist

Robert has worked in FG Wilson for 30 years in various engineering and technical support roles, and carries a wealth of knowledge in the genset business. Considered an SME, Robert has been involved in a number of complex projects and has developed an expert knowledge in the field of sizing, application and installation.

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