English or French?

Hi! Bonjour!

We are a diesel generator business based in DRC. We can work in English or French. The world works in English. But the DRC is a French speaking country.

We will be posting in English for the time being. Feel free to translate using google translate.

Nous écrirons en anglais mais peut être, en fonction de la demande, nous publierons en français.

Bonne lecture!

Our team in Kinshasa, 1458 Avenue Colonel Lukusa, Gombe. We are also in Goma and Lubumbashi.
We stock a range of gensets from 12 to 800 kVA
A large capacity FG Wilson genset with a Perkins UK engine

The FG Wilson logo, a well respected diesel generator brand bought by Caterpillar in the 1990s. We are the dealer in the DRC since 2001.

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